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Testimonials to Our Therapists
With the stress of clinical psychology work and training to run a marathon, I have found recovery and healing in therapeutic and sports massage with Kevin Rowley, LMT. It has maintained mind-body balance, sharpened my "clinical senses," and significantly improved endurance and speed. The combination of energetic themes, psychology-mindedness, and chiropratic skill make Kevin a very unique massage therapist. Holistic Touch is truely therapeutic massage with a difference. Massage therapy with Kevin is a journey of physical amd mental depth, and I am excited about the destination. Thank you Kevin and Holistic Touch.
Victor E. Stevenson, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist

Speaking about his experience with one of the therapists at Holistic Touch, one client says... "She [Dana] puts the "therapy" in Massage Therapy. Not only did she ease my pain and get me walking upright again after weeks of discomfort, but she also showed me exercises to help prevent the problem recurring. I've been to many massage therapists in my lifetime but she is my favorite. She is highly knowledgeable, extremely adept at what she does, and a pleasure to be with. I highly recommend her!"
Shawn McAninch
Real Estate Broker

"For years I suffered from lower back pain. Sometimes the pain could be so sever that I could not even move and would spend at least 2-3 days flat on my back missing time with work, family and other important activities. Seeking relief I went to medical doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists. The only procedure that has helped me escape my back pain was massage therapy. The clinical massage therapists at Holistic Touch have worked wonders for me. They are helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and, most importantly, they get results! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND, the work of the massage therapists at Holistic Touch. They have my deepest appreciate for taking much of my back pain way."
Jay Leslie, PhD
Collegiate Psychology Coordinator/Instructor

"As a former co-worker I can attest to the competence, knowledge and dedication of the therapists at Holistic Touch. Their work ethic and concern for their clients is extraordinary. Having also been a client of their's I can testify to their compassion and ability to get results. Their skills at relieving pain and stress are profound and have helped me significantly. I highly recommend the therapists at Holistic Touch for relaxation or pain relief. If you're looking to recuperate from an injury or simply de-stress your body, Holistic Touch is the place to go."
Ian Cox