holistic touch
Biography of Kevin B. Rowley, LMT
      Hello, my name is Kevin Rowley and I am the owner of Holistic Touch. I have been practicing massage therapy since 2004. I have my Georgia State license and my National license through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB). I received my 720 hour certification through the Academy of Healing Arts, formerly in Macon, Georgia. I stayed on with the academy for two years as an instructor, teaching the students anatomy and multiple massage therapy modalities. I am certified in the Lypossage body contouring program; in the Active Isolated Stretching system under Aaron L. Mattes and in Reiki level 2 and I also practice other Energetic healing techniques. I have had over 8000 hours of hands-on therapy work with clients, allowing me to listen and understand your body's needs. I am definitely not your cookie-cutter massage therapist! I have lived in Macon, Georgia since 1996. I am married with two beautiful daughters. My interests include; cooking, martial arts, Asian culture, micro-brewing and music.
Biography of Tiffani Gaiters, Licensed Massage Therapist
  Philosophy: “Make the World a Happier Place, One Massage at a Time.”
    Her Journey to becoming an Internationally known Master Massage Therapist; based on her level of training and expertise, is continually unfolding. In 2018, She learned a method called S.M.R.T. (Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique) that forevermore changed how she looked at the body! To this method, she added her own vibe and flow and her movement makes her seem like she is an "artist" painting away the stress and pain of clients usually with one session!
    She is quite humbled to be a vessel with gifted hands to help anyone on her table. People have inquired many times, "How do you know the right place to touch?" Her reply is simply, "I Speak Body" followed with a smile. At that moment, she realized that she needed to do more to help people out of Pain and/or mental troubles they were having.
    Tiffani is motivated to learn everyday more about her craft when people compliment on the relief she gives. She would say, "I'm a Geek for learning about our amazing body!" Her fascination with learning new techniques, is what keeps her stoked and pushes her to "Making the world a happier place, one massage at a time".
    With how the state of the world is changing and the negativity that everyone is being bombarded with, Tiffani wants to let everyone know about how truly BENEFICIAL Massage Therapy is for the body. From addressing anxiety and stress, to relieving aches and pains, and assisting with mental health battles. She is optimistic and ready to impact the world through massage, 'One Body at a Time'.