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Testimonials to Our Therapists  
"I am very satisfied with my zone 1 lypossage results. My health is better overall and I have more energy than before. I had cervical cancer over two years ago and received chemotherapy and radiation treatments. My cancer is in remission but the treatment caused me to lose the ability to sweat properly. this has caused increased fluid retention and decreased metabolism. After just six lypossage treatments my sweat glands have be reactivated for the first time in two years! This is very important for me because I teach spin class."
Christine Samet

With the stress of clinical psychology work and training to run a marathon, I have found recovery and healing in therapeutic and sports massage with Kevin Rowley, LMT. It has maintained mind-body balance, sharpened my "clinical senses," and significantly improved endurance and speed. The combination of energetic themes, psychology-mindedness, and chiropratic skill make Kevin a very unique massage therapist. Holistic Touch is truely therapeutic massage with a difference. Massage therapy with Kevin is a journey of physical amd mental depth, and I am excited about the destination. Thank you Kevin and Holistic Touch.
Victor E. Stevenson, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist