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Covers the top of the naval to the top of the shoulders.
Actual Before and After photos of a client who received entire program.
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Patient Right Side Before - 2  Patient Right Side After - 2 
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Breast Toning with Massage

Posted in Breast Toning and Firming by Breast News Girl on the November 15th, 2006

I've been getting treatments lately on my body that are supposed to reduce the look of cellulite, as well as sculpt the body into shape, making it look like you lost weight but didn't. It uses deep tissue massage techniques, and part of the body that they can also work on is the chest area, meaning the whole top part of your body is worked on, including your breasts.
It can actually help to lift and tone the breasts, and make them firmer by helping drain built up lymphatic fluid in the breasts as well as helping to tone the muscles that lie beneath the breast tissue, which helps to make them appear rounder and more "perky".
It's actually called Lypossage, and it can only be performed by a licensed massage therapist who is also certified and has been trained in the art of Lypossage, which uses specific movements that manipulate all the right areas and muscles to help tone them and make them "young" again.
You can help duplicate this at home too though, using your own hands to gently massage the breasts, and also by performing natural breast enhancement exercises that will help lift and tone this area.